Along with Rick Sammon, David is a founder and partner in Rick’s Pixel Magic. Rick and David have done 6 DVDs and over 100 teaching videos together. David Leveen has been editing and producing films and videos for over 30 years. He has sliced and diced music videos for Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, the Bee Gees and the Rolling Stones. He won an Emmy award for his editing work on an Oprah Winfrey produced ABC After-School special about racism. In addition David edited the open to the Bill Cosby Show for 6 seasons and worked on the Bill Clinton for President Campaign.  He was also a pioneer in nonlinear video editing helping the Post Production Industry define the framework for a new editing process. David is a frequent teacher of Movie Making techniques and in addition is a frequent Workshop leader for using High Definition video to promote your business. Oh yeah, he also is a Chef and Owner of Skillet, a pop-up restaurant in Croton on Hudson, NY.

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