The Two W’s

“Why and What”, your video project mantra. “Why” am I making this video and “What” do I want my audience to walk away with. Keeping the two W’s always in mind while brainstorming, creating, and distributing your project will make for a success for both you and your intended audience.

Executive Chef Jon Pratt from Umami Cafe lighting his fire!

The picture included here is from a promotional video and DVD done for a popular local restaurant, Umami Cafe in Croton on Hudson, NY. Click the picture to see the video snippet!

The “Why” for this video was strictly promotional. For the Christmas season the owners and executive chef of the restaurant wanted to make a “how-to” video of 4 of their most popular dishes and thus extend Umami’s brand outside of the restaurant.

The “What” they wanted their audience to take away was how to make the restaurants signature dishes in their home. The feedback was great as people mentioned how much fun and easy the recipes were to make at home every time they came into the restaurant.

So the two W’s are there to help and begin the process of making a successful video.

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