Sorry for not posting last Sunday……I needed to go upstate New York to see my dad. He’s 88 and has Alzheimer’s. I hadn’t seen him in a long while and he needed to go into the hospital (everything is ok). It got me to thinking about last weeks backup post. You don’t want to loose any of your pictures whether you scan them to your desktop machine, take with a camera or your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Did you know that Apple has a great scan utility called “Image Capture” that comes on every machine? It allows you to transfer images from a scanner, a camera, or a device with a camera, such as your phone. Works like a champ.


They’re called snap shots because they capture a unique moment in time. I came across this photo at my moms this past weekend and scanned it into my computer when I got back. I’m eight months old and being held by my two Grandmas. It was taken at Jones Beach in the summer of 1950. I scanned the below image using my old Canon multi-function Canon PIXMA MP620 which is networked. Now I have a copy of this photograph and memory and I’m confident that I have a backup using Time Machine.


Another quick snap was taken with my iPhone on Christmas day 2010 at Rockefeller Center in NYC. It’s one of my favorite “selfie” snaps of Zoe and me and our silly hats.

copyright 2012, David Leveen

Which brings me to a really bad segue, well sorta of bad, about a new app called “SnapGuide” for the iPhone. Snapguide is a simple, beautiful way to share and view sep-by-step how to guides. Everything from photography to cooking to building. It’s all done with your camera on your iPhone. You can use both pictures and videos shot with the phone and imported into the app. Check out the ones Rick and I did on photography.

I’ll leave you with this great shot of my dad that I took 3 years ago. It brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. When I visited him this past weekend he said, “hey that’s at the LPGA!”. For over 30 years my dad volunteered and ran the media tent at the Corning Classic. A great LPGA event held in Corning, NY at the Corning Country Club. By the way, Nancy Lopez was my Dad’s favorite golfer.

copyright 2012, David Leveen

Next week I’ll share a couple of secrets I learned about the iPhone from my daughter Maya and my best friend Eric. And we’ll look at a very cool app and photo sharing service from our friends at SmugMug. See you then.

Just Because: Holy Moly! Rocking the Garden for Bobby D……so many musicians plus the great great rhythm section of Steve Cropper, Duck Dunn and Jim Keltner. How great to see Johnny Cash, Ronnie Wood and George Harrison sharing the mic. Enjoy!

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