It’s All in the Pocket

So every May I go away to Myrtle Beach, SC with my golf buddies for 3 days. This morning as I went for my daily walk, my favorite in-ear headphones died, kaput! Cleaned the ear wax out, yuk, and they still didn’t work! I now have to get new ones as I’m leaving tomorrow for Myrtle. I didn’t have enough time to order them online so I rocket down to the nearest Apple store in The Westchester in White Plains, NY. I picked the Apple store because I wanted to try using my iPhone to buy an accessory and check out. No cash register, no paper receipt. As long as you have an iTunes account with a credit card attached, you’re good to go. Scan the bar code on any accessory, log-in to your iTunes account, a receipt is displayed on your iPhone and you’re out the door. The below screen shot is what it looks like and is part of the you can download and put on your phone. It does tons of other stuff, like pre-ordering, in-store pickup or to book some Genius time.


This of course leads me into talking about what apps I use regularly on my iPhone. I really use it instead of carrying a computer with me while visiting clients or traveling. All the below Apps sync and work for both my iPhone, iPad and Laptop.

  • Billings Touch: I use it to track client time and create invoices
  • Filemaker Pro/FileMaker Go: To keep track of the golfers that are playing in our Booster Club Golf Classic Fund-raiser.
  • Simplenote: Track all sorts of notes and miscellaneous info I gather day to day
  • iWork Suite: Pages, Numbers and Keynote
  • 1Password: track all my passwords and notes securely
  • DSLR FilmmakerToolkit: Slate, Shot Log, Daylight Times, etc. for shooting video projects
  • Mactracker: Looking up all Apple products for specifications and tech info. Goes all the way back to Macintosh 128k.
  • Apple’s Airport Utility: For configuring wireless and wired Airport Networks.
  • Skip Marini Golf Lessons: Last but not least, Rick Sammon takes golf lessons with Pro Skip Marini. I did start with a golf theme after all…;-)

Just Because: Live From Darryl’s House……rocking and sometimes cooking! Also via John Gruber’s Daring Fireball blog a great read about the web.

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