Old School

For the past 4 years I have run a golf outing for the Croton-Harmon Booster Club. It’s one of our best fundraisers we do all year. All monies raised go towards scholarships and sport camps for our High School athletes. To both run and market the event there are a few old school apps that I continue to use on my desktop setup.

Filemaker Pro/Filemaker Go: In order to keep track of the entry forms for the outing, to track golfers, create foursomes, on course prizes and gather email addresses I use the venerable Filemaker Pro. Simple, direct, syncs to Filemaker Go on my iPad and generates a great paper sign-in form for the volunteers.


Pixelmator, Illustrator and Photoshop: The posters that publicize the event from the 13”x19” in store posters to the 4’x6’ banners were created and changed in these programs.


Freeway: Create the simple website for the outing


Pages: Create and generate the sign-up and sponsorship forms.


Mac OSX: With it’s built-in .pdf generator. Hit the print command like your going to create a document and instead of printing, hit the save as pdf drop down menu. Viola! You’ve created a .pdf document.


Dropbox: I store all the files in my Dropbox account so that whether on my iPhone, iPad or laptop I have access to the         most up-to-date files.

That’s it…..the one thing that technology nor software can help me to is improve my golf game! ;-). Well not entirely true, Rick and I have an iPhone and iPad Golf Lesson app. Check it out and you can learn the famous “Skip Chip”!

Just Because: Happy Birthday Paul McCartney! by Fiona Apple and the Roots and Paul Weller

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