Brain Surgery

Seven months ago I had brain surgery to repair a subdural hematoma that I sustained in a fall two and a half months prior. Here are two things I learned:

“The Best Camera You Own is the One You Have With You”


The Morning After

The morning after my surgery, I had my 14 year old daughter take a picture of me with my iPhone 4. It’s a little bit creepy but so great in helping me remember what I went through. I carry this picture with me on my iPhone all the time. It’s a constant reminder of how fragile life is. As Yoko said after John was murdered, we all live in a Season of Glass.

“ You’re Here for a Good Time Not a Long Time”
….Tommy V


Yogi Berra Museum


Babe Ruth’s Gravesite

A month after the surgery my buds organized a “therapy road trip” to get me out of the house and to start the social recovery process. I love my friends! We hit the Yogi Berra museum, then La Manda’s old school italian restaurant for lunch and ended the day at Babe Ruth’s grave site. Once again using Tommy V’s long reach and his iPhone 4 we I have two great photos from that day and a great reminder of what a strange trip life can be!

Next Sunday, giving your pictures the finger with the new iPad and iPhoto. It’s pretty cool!

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