It’s Always a Matter of Perspective, Isn’t it!

Mountain Lion rocks the house! If you haven’t already and your machine meets the minimum requirements, Mountain Lion is a must have upgrade. I’ve included a bunch of links to reference material to help you get the most out of the OSX upgrade. Remember to back up first! Backing up is easy and cheap. Do it. Right now.

David Pogue’s OSX Mountain Lion Missing Manual
Take Control of Upgrading to Mountain Lion eBooks
Hello Tips, Tricks & Secrets
Vimeo Video Sharing in OS X Mountain Lion

Went to see the Allman Brothers and Santana up in Saratoga Springs at SPAC last weekend with my fellows. Fantastic shows. The performing arts center seats 25,000 concert goers both in the indoor open air stage and on the lawn. We sat on the lawn and I shot the below video from my beach chair on my iPhone and used the new Mountain Lion “share to Vimeo” function to upload to show you guys. ABB from the cheap seats!

Shot with Pano and my iPhone.

On my daily walks I pass by this bush that at this point in the summer is over growing the sidewalk and I need to duck it to walk by. Grabbed a shot this morning at my eye level before ducking. Whatever your perspective, there’s always a shot to be had!


And finally check out Dan Chung’s iPhone Photo Blog from the London Olympics……pretty cool.

Just Because: CSNY and Tom Jones! What? Enjoy and see you next time…..dl

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